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Intrigue and Murder at a Local Eatery

Recently, Doc’s At The Rocks, a small cozy restaurant on the edge of the Indian Rocks community in the Ledgedale area of Lake Wallenpaupack, was the site of the filming of “The Virtuoso”. This new movie, directed by Nick Stagliano [The Florentine (1999); Good Day For It (2011); Wicked Blood (2014)], and features notable actors Anson Mount [ Star Trek: Discovery; Hell on Wheels; Inhumans; Seal Team Six], Abbie Cornish [Bright Star; Sucker Punch; Limitless], David Morse [The Green Mile; The Rock; The Hurt Locker; St. Elsewhere; Contact], and Sir Anthony Hopkins [ The Silence of the Lambs; The Mask of Zoro; The Lion in Winter], to name just a few.


The film crew, with over three dozen staff, trucks, bright lights, and all night filming transformed the restaurant and parts of the community into a movie magic experience that hopefully will  become a living part of the silver screen in about a year from now. It was truly fascinating to watch the restaurant, draped in a black cloth to simulate nighttime, become the centerpiece of a film filled with deception, lies, and of course, murder.


The production will also be filming at several other locations in the Pocono area that will include a seedy motel, farm house, gas station, secluded cabin, and an explosive scene in the city of Scranton.

Anson Mount plays an accomplished assassin who lives off the grid and has the pseudo name  The Virtuoso. The Mentor, Anthony Hopkins, who assigns the targets, gives The Virtuoso another contract to fulfill at a small country restaurant with very little information regarding the target other than a date, a place, a time, and a two word phrase to go by. To divulge any more of the plot would give too much information and spoil the twists and turns of the story. Let’s just say, things are not always what they seem. It took one week to make Doc’s At The Rocks into an infamous country restaurant/bar (Rosie’s Cafe) with a deep dark secret that will hopefully be shown on film in the near future. 

Flash! The Virtuoso coming to a theater near you starting April 30th, 2021!

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